How we fit in

Leadership, purpose and education for the next generation

Our advice around the non-financials integrates with traditional wealth advisory roles.

We believe that human and intellectual capital is the essence of the family office and the basis for all the subsequent activities a family pursues.

Defining a family’s values, purpose and strategy is the best starting point in maximising the impact of the resources a family holds. A foundation of strong governance, clear protocols with an empowered, harmonious, educated family unit, makes it easy to engage specialist advisors.

We believe in using specialist advisors for specialist activities, targeting advice to specific problems.

We are an independent, fee-for-service advice business focused on the non-financials.

We have an extensive network of financial, structuring, philanthropic and wellness specialists who can provide technical expertise in these areas. We can help to manage these relationships, ensuring the higher goals and deeper beliefs of the family remain the driving force behind your wealth strategies.

We never receive commissions for connecting families to the services or products of our advisor partners. The best interest of the family is our overriding focus.