Next Generation

How can you contribute to your family in a meaningful way?

We have captured the conversations we commonly encounter with members of the next generation, to help you consider whether this work is right for you.

Charting my own course

My path in life has been different from the rest of the family. I have always been independent and done things my own way. I have a lack of knowledge regarding the family business; I have never seen a role for myself. As far as I am concerned it is Dad’s business and his money. My main connection with the family is through my kids, they love being with their grandparents.

My Dad told me he had written a family constitution, which seemed pretty meaningless to me. When he started talking about the future I could not envisage how I would be involved but I was interested in seeing where the process would go.

Unexpected Opportunity

When we met with Adam and Tiffany they treated us as a family not just a business. I felt there was a level playing field that enabled me to maximise my skills and interests. They opened up the possibilities of what I could do.

I took on the philanthropic endeavours and started moving us towards socially responsible investments. Until we started the process I had no idea that Dad was open to this kind of thing. We also set up some guidelines for seed funding new entrepreneurial ideas from the ‘family bank’. That was really exciting for me as I have lots of ideas I want to start up. I found my role and was able to engage in ways that were meaningful to me knowing I had the respect and full support of my family.

Our family has gained a sense of hope and excitement about what we can achieve in the future.

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