Family Charter 

We create a guidebook for future generations

A family charter captures agreements made by the family and guides the stewardship of family resources.

Crafting a personalised charter provides a family with a document that reflects the unique qualities and values of a family, serves future generations and makes the family stronger in tough times.

Each family has its own unique set of challenges, systems and priorities. We help build the pieces of the family puzzle, rather than provide a one size fits all product.

The family charters we help curate are developed to evolve organically over time.

We start small, often helping families define their values or purpose. As the family agrees protocols and defines structures, we capture these components as a living embodiment of the commitments made by the family. Having structured guidelines helps to neutralise perceived bias.

Our focus is on creating meaningful activities that allow a family to practice working together and we use a charter as the guide for these ventures. As a guidebook it helps to maintain harmony in a family as situations arise and endeavours grow and change. The charter can also become a place to capture the family history, building a coherent family story.