Family Strategy and Governance 

We create a collective sense of purpose and protocol

We treat your family as a family, not a business.

We help families develop clear strategies and governance structures, defining roles and expectations for all family members.

We make human capital the central element in the strategy and encourage goals that maximise outcomes for all family members, rather than prioritising the most efficient transfer of wealth.

Conversations relating to family strategy provide leaders with an opportunity to ensure a shared understanding of what really matters to them now and in the future.

A robust family strategy can help structure the innate desire to pass something on to the next generation and prepare future generations to use these resources to flourish. Knowing the family is united around clear goals provides peace of mind and reduces the risk of tension.

We help create family council or assembly structures that match the needs and priorities of the family. For families with active business concerns, we configure governance arrangements that complement business structures. At the core, all forums allow families to better understand each other, they improve communication, create opportunities to initiate family projects and reduce the burden on individual members.