Independent Family Chair 

We take the weight off of one person’s shoulders

We are there to partner with family leaders and provide support, coaching and council for all members.

As an independent advisor we can act as a family chair to orchestrate the conversations across a family from informal to more structured discussions.

Our experience guiding families through this process allows us to:

  • Neutralise the perceived bias that occurs when a family member attempts to simultaneously lead, facilitate and contribute
  • Deliver outcomes more quickly by setting agreed boundaries and re-directing the conversation when required
  • Establish and uphold ground-rules, creating a safe environment where family members can speak freely
  • Set the right pace to focus on meaningful activities that build consensus while carefully managing conflict to ensure it remains productive
  • Raise contentious issues on behalf of individuals who may otherwise struggle to communicate their concerns or have those concerns heard
  • Advise on the expertise required to solve the specific technical problems a family may be attempting to resolve

Addressing a difficult topic or re-directing a challenging conversation can have unspoken meaning in a family setting. An off-hand remark or innocent comment can ignite powerful and often unintended family dynamics. We are adept at leading family meetings so all members are heard and respected.

An independent facilitator can ask tough questions that may be difficult in the emotional entanglement of a family situation. We provide a safe forum for all family members and can stimulate new approaches to embedded issues deemed to be ‘too hard’. We offer an objective lens on family projects, proposals and potential conflicts in line with the family strategy.

We integrate technical, legal or financial experts into the decision-making process, mindfully balancing this with our own expertise in the leadership of a harmonious family gathering.

A productive family meeting can have a profound impact not only on the individual family members who attend, but also on all those they interact with afterwards.