Small Giants Academy

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Small Giants Academy

Leadership for a hopeful future


“Homo sapiens are newcomers to the cosmic story,” says philosopher and author Roman Krznaric. “If the age of the Earth is from your nose to the tip of your outstretched hand, one stroke of the nail file erases human history.”

“But just as there’s deep time behind us, there is deep time ahead …”

When thinking about creating a legacy that will live on in our families or communities, we often focus on financial capital alone.

But being a good ancestor for the generations to come entails much more than that. Besides tangible assets, how do we hand down the human capital?

Be it shared values, entrepreneurial spirit, a connection to nature or deep commitment to a social cause – how do we talk about the process of passing down what’s important long before death?

Join us for an interactive Masterclass on Creating a Legacy with Purpose led by stewardship expert Tiffany Jones, to explore how to meaningfully steward gifts between generations by:

  • Naming and connecting on shared values as a family or community
  • Approaching difficult conversations and demonstrate leadership within our families
  • Harnessing collective wisdom and collaboration as tools to create lasting impact – and more!


This Masterclass will guide you on how to be a good ancestor – moving away from a mindset of ownership to a spirit of stewardship.

We thank our partners Eco Store, Birkenstock Australia and Ceres Organics for sponsoring this Small Giants Academy Masterclass.