Tiffany Jones of Momentum Advisory Group talks about family leadership in the Financial Observer

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Tiffany Jones was featured in the Financial Observer talking with Paul Heath from Koda Capital on the importance of family stewardship and the role of family leadership in effective intergenerational wealth transfer.

Excerpt: Jones, who is also a director of family leadership consultancy Momentum Advisory Group, said advisers needed to help bridge the generational gap between baby boomer clients and their millennial children when it came to ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth.

“Historically the children of wealthy families may have gone into the family business or picked up that legacy, but really the new generation don’t want to do that at all,” she said.

“So you often have a principal asset like a business or property that has been sold and that wealth is sitting there just locked up, which is a great opportunity to bring the next generation into the decision-making and allow them to do something with that money that carves out their own space and finds their own purpose.”

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