We get families talking openly at the kitchen table

When we think about family, we generally think about the home and a table surrounded by family members.

Our goal is to bring everyone back around that kitchen table, engaged in an open dialogue.

Family members often have different interests and concerns. The conversations we initiate provide space for each person to talk about what they really think and empower them to speak up. Our goal is to ensure everyone feels valued and respected, with representation for the whole family.

We can guide conversations with an independent voice, building and sometimes rebuilding connections. We are genuinely invested in building the trust needed for complex, emotionally charged situations.

We guide family members to recognise their impact on the family and how to adapt their communication style and approach to meet the preferences of others. Sometimes we just help families through the tough conversations they need to have.

We create positive opportunities for a family to work together, make well-informed, effective decisions, minimise conflict and reduce the pressure on one person’s shoulders.

It’s about making the unspoken spoken and then talking about it.