We educate family members to become effective stewards  

Families that see themselves as stewards of their resources have proven to be more successful in sustaining their legacy.

Historically, carrying on a family’s legacy is less likely as each generation grows up and apart.

Our goal is to educate all family members so they can contribute to a self-governing entity that can make critical decisions as endeavours grow and change.

We help the next generation develop the confidence to act independently and make a positive mark on the family legacy before passing it on.

Each family member will have specific learning requirements depending on their role in the family, their ambitions, interests and existing capabilities. While some members may not follow the traditional family path, we create a level playing field that maximises the skills and interests of each individual to open new pathways.

We ensure all family members understand how to steward joint resources effectively. Developing this way of thinking and the supporting capabilities takes time. We are adept at pacing the work so that we build the right momentum for the family.

As a family comes together to discuss its resources, we use it as an opportunity to improve financial literacy. We develop communication and conflict management skills through direct, real time feedback. When advisors meet with the family, we guide the conversation to ensure everyone has a shared understanding and the space to ask the questions that aid their development. This approach breeds confidence over time and allows family members to coach and mentor one another in a positive way.

Education tailored to the individual and the family is at the centre of all the work we do.