Purpose and strategy

We drive commitment to a collective family purpose and strategy 

In a well-functioning family unit, everyone knows what is coming and when, with a shared and consistent purpose that satisfies the emotional needs of its members.

To achieve this clarity we discuss the values and ethics held within the family, re-examine personal aspirations and commit to specific goals. Every family we work with has a unique set of priorities. Sometimes it’s as simple as creating the space to come together as a family.

Wealth can mean many different things. Discussing values and ethics, purpose and goals, re-affirms what a family has in common and how it can work together, often for the greater good.

We want families to practice working together in a meaningful way before an unexpected life event such as divorce, impaired health or death in the family, forces the process.

We are well practised in developing a strategy families can commit to, built around a clear, shared purpose.